2015 VIP Reception

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2015 VIP reception

Our VIP Reception was a huge success!

We were pleased to present a check for $3000 to K9 Mill Rescue for their great work recovering puppies this year

Austin Dog Rescue was the recipient of the highest winning bid and took home $1600 during the Live art auction!

We want to thank all of our animal artists that helped make this night so special and all of you for caring! We will see you next year!

Art Auction Winners

Exciting art contributions went for top dollar!


Guest speaker Rachel Yarger, Central Texas Chapter President of THLN

THLN is a mainstream voice for the animals of Texas: companion animals, homeless animals, horses, farm animals, native Texas wildlife and exotic animals alike. THLN is the voice at the Texas Legislature for untold numbers of animals throughout Texas who suffer horrific abuse and tragic neglect at the hands of callous humans. If you agree that animals deserve compassion and their abusers deserve punishment, we invite you to answer the call to justice by joining the Texas Humane Legislation Network today. Protecting those who cannot protect themselves is a noble cause for which your life will be much better for having served.

Established in 1975, The Network is a grassroots, nonprofit organization that fights for the enactment and enforcement of laws to protect animals from neglect and abuse. The Network is the political arm and voice for every animal and animal welfare agency in Texas.

For the past three years, Rachel Yarger has been an avid volunteer and promoter of animal welfare in the central Texas area. She has fostered special needs dogs, is a board member for the Pug Rescue of Austin, and actively advocates for bully breed dogs. Rachel has been a member of THLN legislative committee since 2013. Rachel received her Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and her MBA from of the State University of New York at Buffalo. Rachel and her husband, Jay, have made central Texas home for the last four years. Their diverse pack of dogs (two pugs, a Boston terrier, and American bully) keeps them quite busy when they are not volunteering to better the lives of animals around Texas.

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