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Forgotten Friends

Forgotten Friends Mixed Breed Rescue

Forgotten Friends is an Austin-based, 501(c)(3), rescue organization supported solely by volunteers and donations from the community. The group was started eight years ago to help reduce the number of sweet, loving dogs that die everyday for lack of a committed home. Forgotten Friends rescues adoptable dogs from kill shelters around the area and cares for them in a private mini shelter while they wait for a foster home to have an opening or a new foster home to sign up with the group. If no home opens up, they reside in the shelter until they are adopted.

Forgotten Friends started rescue efforts in 1999 taking in mixed breed dogs who would never have found forever homes and remained forgotten. In 2004 we became a 501(c)(3) which enabled us to greatly improve our ability to save more lives and contribute to the happiness of our adopter families. Our goal was and is, to speak for the voiceless, restore them as close as possible to good health, and find forever homes that can commit to their lifetime care. We are a totally volunteer based group and all of our donations and adoption fees go directly to our dog’s veterinary care, food, heartworm prevention and basic needs. Any donations given to Forgotten Friends are tax deductible.

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